Quick Testimonial for this method, because it's truly changed dynamics in our home lately! We have two toddler boys (ages 2 & 3), and a third baby on the way. I'm fortunate in that I live near Kathleen and have witnessed the GREAT behavior of her three children, both in my interaction with them, and their interaction with my kids. I started to learn more about this method, and figured it would be great to try (particularly with my 3 year old). In short, I was sick of the constant back and forth around screen time - making me the gatekeeper to whether or not he could watch TV or some time on the iPad / my phone. My responses were arbitrary, ie: if I needed to get something done, then I'd cave, but other times I didn't want him watching. Point being - he and I both needed guard rails to manage this and empower eachother, and it helped from day 1. Instead of marbles (choking hazard in a house with a baby on the way!), we use tickets (ie: raffle tickets). Each boy has a jar with their name on it, and when they do something helpful or that we're trying to encourage, they get a ticket. They proudly put the ticket in their jar, and 3 tickets can buy them an "episode" or iPad screen time. We've given tickets for cleaning the play room, finishing your vegetables, helping fold laundry or do the dishes, or even encouraging him to use the 'big potty' vs the small potty. It has truly rewired his thinking about asking for TV. He doesn't ask anymore...instead, he asks, "how can I earn a ticket?". Ideas are endless - but it is working for us so far, and really empowered him to help out and pay attention to how he can contribute or listen in new ways. I'm sure the system will evolve as the boys get older, but kudos to Kathleen and her great consultation; I'd highly suggest working with her!

Katie O'Malley

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Kathleen is an excellent family coach. When we met Kathleen I shared with her some of the difficulties we were having with chores and a sense of teamwork at our home. She suggested we use the marble method and walked me through how the process works. It has revolutionized our homes function. The children are now doing chores and holding each other accountable without much effort on the part of their parents. I cannot say enough about how blessed we feel for the marble method and Kathleen's excellent guidance.

Timothy Earle

Love, intimacy and relationship coach