Kathleen graduated Magna cum laude with Honors in Psychology from Wake Forest University in 1992 and then earned a Masters in School Psychometry (1993) and an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology (1994) from Georgia State University.  She practiced for two years as a School Psychologist and then in 2003 completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA.  She has considerable experience counseling adults in individual therapy and children in play therapy.  Kathleen is exceptionally well-qualified to help parents with children who are struggling in school and social settings, as well as within the family system. She also has extensive experience with recovery, divorce, dating, and pregnancy-related grief and loss.


about me

Kathleen Roy, MEd, EdS, MACP, is the founder of Marble Method Parenting.  She has three children aged 9, 12 and 15.  Her education and work experience, combined with a wealth of actual life experience have rendered her particularly well-suited to helping parents struggling with challenges such as voracious screen time appetites, incessant sibling squabbles, and unremitting resistance to doing chores, as well as a desperate need for consistently effective discipline. 

How does it work?  Your kids get marbles for doing what you want them to do.  They lose marbles for doing what you don’t want them to do.  Marbles=screentime.  What kid doesn’t want screentime?


First, I will help you assess the current situation in your home. Next, we talk about how you would like things to be.  Then we talk about how implementing The Marble Method can help.  



Once we determine what your family’s specific needs are, then we make a plan for implementing The Marble Method. During implementation, I sit down with your family and we guide your kids through creating a list of chores and actions and determining their value in screentime.  Kids enjoy taking the lead in this process.



The marble method is a simple behavior modification program with a profound impact. 

The Marble Method has dramatically changed the vibe in many homes.  The kids feel good about themselves and the daily contributions they make to the running of the home.  Parents feel empowered and optimistic instead of overwhelmed and resentful.  Marble Method families are free to enjoy each other's company and 

how it works



what do I offer?


  • free 20-minute phone consultation

  • home visit or facetime/virtual tour of your home

  • assessment of trouble spots, behavioral challenges and chores that need doing

  • fully-customized plan tailored to your family’s needs

  • guided implementation of the marble method

  • family sessions to determine needs and implement changes

  • weekly sessions to assess progress and deal with new challenges

  • phone consultation as needed


kathleen roy

marin county, california

tel: 415.722.5513

email: kroy@marblemethodparenting.com